Camp Details 

Camper Age

Ages and grade levels indicated next to each camp represent the age your child will be or the grade your child will enter in the fall. 

Little Osprey camp (Gr PP-P) is designed for campers who are four years old and are  enrolled in pre primary for the fall or Primary.

They must be fully potty-trained in order to attend. 

Junior Osprey camp (Gr 1-3) 

Osprey Discovery camp (Gr 4-6) 

Registration Fee

Signature Osprey Camps Cost: $285 (Armbrae students) $310 (Community Students)

Osprey Discovery Camps Cost: $295 (Armbrae students) $320 (Community Students)

Specialty Osprey Camps Cost: $350 (Armbrae students)  $375 (Community Students)

All fees must be paid in full at time of registration. 

Cancellation / Reimbursement

There is NO reimbursement for withdrawals from Osprey Camp once the camp has started.

In the event of a cancellation, the following policies apply: March Break 

In the event of a cancellation, the following policies apply: Summer Camp

In the event of camp transfers, the following policies apply: 

Children/families can be dismissed from Osprey Camp if they are disruptive to the program, interfere with the staff, or do not practice the stated policies. Fees will not be refunded in these circumstances.


Waitlists are available, you will be notified if a spot becomes available. 

If the camp is full, always choose to be placed on the waitlist more camps are sometimes created if enough campers are interested. 


BeforeCare 8:00am-9:00am ($50)

Fees for BeforeCare and AfterCare are nonrefundable, and fees are not prorated on the number of days attending for any reason. 


Nut Policy 

The Osprey Camp is “peanut reduced”. Please DO NOT bring nuts or products containing nuts into camp. (We also encourage parents not to feed children peanut butter at breakfast as residue can stay on hands and clothing.) We do not permit nuts or nut containing products in camp.

Field Trips and Off Site Visits Policy

Upon registration all campers are required to have a Field Trip permissions waiver signed by a Parent/Guardian. When a field trip or off site visit is planned for a group, a senior staff member will always accompany the camp group, along with the leaders and other staff involved in the camp program. Groups will have a first aid kit and cell phone with them at all times. Should a camper not be able to behave in a trusted or appropriate manner, they will not be able to attend off site trips. Parents/Guardians will be contacted if this should happen. 

Illness Policy 

Osprey Camp will follow the Nova Scotia Health Promotion and Protection Guidelines for Communicable Disease Prevention and Control for Childcare Programs (2015). 

We ask that campers follow the guidelines below: 

Sick children should not be brought to Osprey Camp if/when they are not feeling well. This includes but is not limited to,  a high fever (101F or 38.3C), vomiting, diarrhea, and other communicable diseases. 

Parents are required to notify Osprey Camp if their child has, or has come in contact with a communicable disease. 

If a child becomes ill while at Osprey Camp, including but not limited to fever (101f or 38.3C), vomiting, diarrhea and other communicable diseases, the Parents/Guardians will be contacted immediately and arrangements for pick up will be made. 

Children can not return to the program for 24 hours after showing symptoms including, but not limited to those noted above. 

Osprey Camp reserves the right to exclude children from the program if they are generally unwell and unable to participate in the general camp routine (i.e., field trips, outdoor activities, etc.). Parents/guardians will be notified. 

Medications Policy 

Staff are NOT permitted to administer over the counter or prescription drugs. Should your child require a prescription medication then a Parent/Guardian must make arrangements to administer the medication. 


Epi-pens (if required) must accompany campers each day in order for them to attend the program.  Parents are responsible to check the epi-pen regularly to ensure it has not expired.


If your child requires inclusion support in order to participate in the camp program, we encourage you to contact the Director of Auxiliary Programmes at or 902-471-1993 to discuss what options are available.

Behaviour Policy  

Armbrae’s Auxiliary Programs all practice the Caring Schools approach. The main philosophy underlying this is to “Bring campers together to encourage conversation in order to resolve conflicts that may have occurred”.  We train our staff, supervisors and leaders to use questions like these below, to help campers to think of what has happened:

Privacy Code 

Information provided on registration forms is the property of Armbrae Academy-Osprey Camps and will be held in confidence. Information will not be shared with other parties. 

What to Bring

Please send the following items to camp. We recommend that these be placed in a backpack that your child can carry:

Things to remember!

Lunch Program

Weekly Events at Camp (Summer) 

You will receive an email by noon the Wednesday before camp begins with specific camp information including drop-off and pick-up information. If you are registered for multiple weeks, please be sure to read each weekly email as some information changes from week to week. If registration is received after noon on Wednesday, there may be a delay in this communication.

Theme Day Tuesdays 

Each Tuesday we will have a different theme to celebrate. 

**Campers can dress the theme or bring and item to go with the theme. **  

Fun Fridays 

Everyday is fun at camp but Fun Friday is SUPER fun!! You can expect to see campers splish splashing around in the sprinkler, water slides, dance parties and more. 

** Please make sure your child comes with extra clothes on Fridays. **

Osprey Book Worms 

Once a day campers will take 20 mins breaks to read. Allowing campers to read each day shows them 

1) that we think reading is fun too! and 2) that small steps can build their reading skills and increase their reading confidence. 

** We encourage campers to bring a couple books from home at their reading level. **


If you have any questions please contact  Ashley Matthews-Duffett, Director of Auxiliary Programmes or by phone at 902-471-1993.